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September 4, 2008


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My definition of original manga is it MUST be UNIQUE, FRESH AND ENTERTAINING. There are unlimited ideas of
how to make original manga plot that no one will ever think of I'm going to teach you how to make it!
(1) What do you like? (Can be ranged from objects, people, hobbies, sports, game etc)
Well the reason why I ask you this question is because I want you to write / draw something you enjoy a lot:D If you like more than one thing, you can combine them to create a masterpiece!
*** Sample Answer***
I normally enjoy clubbing with my friends and I love listening to music. During the last summer vacation, we visited some of the nightclubs in the Mediterraneans and I quite like it (except the hangover part!). So since DJs, nightclub & music is something I like, I can create a plot about a music-loving person who wants to become the world best DJ so (s)he competes with other DJs in the nightclub, competition etc
(2) Which timeline you want to set the plot in?
If you were in the timemachine, which year you would like to travel to??? Also make some research if you want to make your plot realistic.
*** Sample Answer***
Well, since I want to be realistic, why not set in 2002 (random guess)? It's going to be ridiculous to set in the Middle Ages: peasants might burn DJs if they hear their never know...
(3) What type of world does the plot occur in?
It depends what type of mood you wants to set in your story plot. Also, it depends which readers you are targeting on. This time you determine the genre(s).   
*** Sample Answer***
Well, I like my story to be targeted on young teens, so I want to add a little comedy inside my plot. Also I want my plot to be set in the real world, as I want my protagonist to travel all around the world to compete with other DJs (like Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yakitate Japan etc). So the genres of my story is music, adventure and comedy.
(4) Describe your protagonist and his/her goal.
If you want it to be original, you must make a original character!! It doesn't have to be a character that everyone like. Also your protagonist does not have to be a good can even write a story about a evil person (this idea is still fresh)... If you're planning to make optimistic, food-loving, stubborn, stupid and straightforward character like Goku (Dragonball), Naruto (Naruto), Luffy (One Piece) and Natsu (Fairy Tail), then FORGET ABOUT IT!!! In a short term, everybody will get bored of these type of characters since these personalities are repeated over and over again for MORE THAN 20 YEARS!!!
*** Sample Answer***
Well, I want my character to be a pessimist and hardworking. He enjoys whistling (showing a bit of a carefree personality) and he is neither clever nor stupid, just average...After gaining supports from his friends, he decided to be the world best DJs.
THAT'S ALL, I think... GOOD LUCK with your manga-making process :)

Due to workload, I am unable to help you with your manga making process. I'm really sorry about that :(

But here are the resources / articles I found useful (and even better than my poorly written journal):

for rpg, shounen, fighting, science fiction, fantasy plot
Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3, Link 4, [link]
for shoujo, romance plot
[link], [link]
other helpful ways to get the decent plot
[link], [link], [link], [link]
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PinkSpace101 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, I'm making a action/fantasy/adventure series about a group of kids has to find 15 shards of the Ujinite crystal in order to seal the dark king before the world goes into complete darkness.
mizalrajesh Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have many ideas but the are very short . This journal was helpfull thx.
RinKagamineILY Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
But what if you have more than one "Main character"?
mahounekoshoujo4 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
This is very helpful.
Eclair1998 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I already have an amazing plot, and right now i am working on the outline. However, I don't want the outline to be drawn. Some people told me to write the outline like skit, but I ended up writing it like a novel. O_O Any suggestions on how to organize my story? I don't want to have to worry about the laying out of the story drawing wise, at  least not now. Thank you in advance.
BillyVnus Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
What if there was a planet where humanoid type insects exited, the world would be full of odd plantation almost like Avatar. The way they behave and abilites would be the same just exaggerated. The Story would be about one simple Ant named Tomu. Ive heard that Ant's can pick up 50% more than what they weigh so I would make every single ant have a certain hidden strength with the concentration of their aura. The first few chapters would be about his day to day life until A swarm of giant Hornets Attack and destroy the Colony. Only 5 of the Hornets came that day lead by a captain and their power was more then enough to obliterate every single one except Tomu. He some how manages to open his hidden strength defeating one of the Hornets in an instant, but not without being stung one time. Weakend by the poison, Tomu collapses breathing slowly and on the brink of death. The Hornet Captain leaves with the 3 remaining Hornets believing the young Ant would eventually die. The Next Morning Tomu awakes from a one week sleep to notice his destroyed colony and the wound given by the Hornet completely healed. Traumatised by this event Tomu begins to walk into the LARGE grass that this planet has to offer. He breaks down and promises to avenge the Colony that took him in at such a young age. His goal was to find That Captain Hornets nest and Destroy everybody in it as they did him. He would travel through the world learning about his strength/martial arts from different insects and different colonies until he makes it to that nest. On the way there he would fight Wasps, Flys, Fire Ants, Mice, and After making it to the Hornets nest and defeating them he would only face stronger opponents, Hawks, Snakes, Spiders , Poison Dart Frogs, poisoness plantation and last but the least "The Human" would be the Final and most powerful enemy. Would this story work and what would you change?
BrookeKohaku21 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013
If you look on my account, I've already created manga pages for my story (though the pages are kind of confusing), and I'm not at the base of my plot yet, I want a review of it.
My main character is named Kohaku, who escapes from a research facility and goes back to his home town to find his friends, but upon finding the base empty and meeting an old companion Tobi the bat, he learns that they went to the city across the ocean to work amongst the higher ups, in order to find him when he disappeared 4 years prior to the story. He visits Grandma Lin (his caretaker from when he was a baby), so that her grandson Yuki to fix his sword that was broken during his escape. After having it fixed into a hunters knife, and repaying them by fixing the water problem in their town, he goes to the city to find his friends, and help with another of Grandma Lins favors. In short after this, he manages to find his friends, but also get caught up with a villain who wants to make himself a god by traveling to the Inbetween, and absorb the current gods power. And this man seems to know what Kohaku is, and is trying us his powers to get there. So he sends his henchmen, each who represents a basic element, to capture him. But the captures are prevented by his friends, the Five Lords, their Retainers, and other allies. So all the while, Kohaku tries to find out who, or what he is, and why he is connected to the God of this world.

P.S: the powers in this world are based on Elements, like the basic, fire, wind, water, earth, and lighting, though there are other types that are combined Elements like, poison, wood, plant, steel ect.
dragonmon24 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can u  help me with my story star-burst
its about a boy named zack who was a normal kid who was the best at soccer and sketching and a had a normal life as a 15 year old, his parents are always on adventure so hes with his sisters (millieand ruby) he always keep his lucky charm that fell the shy like a star,he found one day.he  was until he kept having a dream  and he heard a voice calling to him everyday getting weaker.he then finally went after it and found a small dragon injure named dracon, he was one the survivors of his planet being destroyed. they both found out by a dark vortex hunter  that wants to kill the small dragon, zack stands in his way and so he decided  to destroy him too but  dracon jumps in the way and then zacks charm glows and blinds the hunter to reveal a warrior thats like dracon ,the hunter leaves and then  the warrior splits into both zack and dracon ,it happens that dracon is healed and able to become his real also seems that zacks charm is a star gem that gives  power to the strong and brave , he tells zack that his planet was destoryed and him and several others escaped to earth but not before facing the hunters that stole their battle forms and he asks zack if he can help him find his friends before the hunters, he thens ask zack to become partners and forms a contract together so they can  bethat warrior now named crimson now zack and dracon are on a hunt for the last survivors of his planet before the hunters and fight back.

so this it a friend of mine said its like megaman starforce but its modern not future. 
SPAZTASTYCK Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for putting this up! It made creating my manga plot so much easier. I'd hate to be so bothersome, but is it okay if I ask your opinion on my story? Any advice or criticism is welcome, I will accept anything to make my story the best it can be :)

The story centers around Akiri, who is someone who prefers to be by herself mainly because she is shy, and her passion in life is reading. She's seventeen years old, and spends most of her time at the library where she works. One day, while she's organizing books, she finds an old book called "Dragonia", which had fallen behind a shelf and appears to have been there for many years. Looking for something to read (because she read everything else in the library :3) she takes it home. Little does she know, that the book is actually a magical portal to the world of Dragonia, a magical world with medieval themes and filled with many different landscapes. Upon arriving there, she gets lost in the forest, in the process dropping the book down a river and soon captured by these mean creatures called Koburo. She manages to escape her cage, and whilst escaping she sees and decides to free this dragon that the Koburo were keeping in tied up in their camp. To make an even longer story short, she befriends the dragon, Zerax, and to repay her for her freeing him, he takes her with him to find his sister, who has been kidnapped by the ogre king, King Gaurmosh. And lucky for Akiri, King Gaurmosh has the last book portal! (still working on a name for the book portals, whatever suggestions you have would be great! :D Thank you!)
RikaRoxwood Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013

Thanks for reading my journal. And don't worry about being bothersome. As long as I have time, I'm always be willing to help you.


This is a great start BTW! The only thing I'm worry about is the possibility that Akiri defeats the orge king, gets the last book portal and resumes to her normal life. That's the part I find it cliché as this normally happened in RPG plots. There is a certain part of the story where I find it a bit cliché, in the sense that the protagonist travels to a different world (possibly a dystopia) where (s)he has to play a hero/heroine role to save that world from danger / evils (or to solve a major problem in that world). Examples include The Chronicles of Narnia, Tsubasa Chronicles etc... I normally prefer the protagonist travels back (to her world) and forth to Dragonia, instead of her stucking in Dragonia throughout the story. Furthermore I think that that the adventure should be focusing how she overcome her shyness or anti-socialness.   

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